Domestic Violence

There are times intimate relationships explode into false allegations and criminal charges.  Domestic violence and abuse carries a heavy stigma and criminal consequences.  At times, the charges rise to the level of a felony.   At Smith Mihas PLLC we fight for your rights despite the pressure to plead guilty.  When necessary, we will work with the prosecutor to negotiate a plea that will ultimately allow the charges to come off your record and be dismissed.

If you have been charged with a Michigan felony domestic violence charge, you need to aggressively litigate the case in order to have any chance of success.  As criminal lawyers who believe in your innocence, we have a strategy of filing many complex motions all the way through the felony court process.  The goal of aggressive criminal litigation in a felony domestic assault case is to either win the case on a technicality, or more importantly, to suppress as much evidence as possible for purposes of greatly increasing your chances of winning the trial.

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