The testimonials are all genuine and written by past clients

“Harry Mihas represented me for my legal battle and Nicole Smith assisted him. They were both very professional, they did a great job representing me, and helped me retain my Freedom and Rights. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a good defense team to hire Smith Mihas PLLC Legal Services.”

-Emory B-

“Such a great team to work with!! Nicole Smith and Harry Mihas helped during my divorce and did everything they promised to do from the beginning of the divorce proceedings!! I used them again during my post judgement and feel just as confident as I did 2 years ago!!”

-Tanya S-

“Smith, Mihas, LLC fights for their clients! I was nervous, scared, and unsure of my options. Harry and Nikki held my hand throughout the process giving me the utmost attention and focus that I needed. I went into divorce mediation completely prepared with a strategy and came out with way more than I ever expected. My divorce was handled quickly and with great attention to detail. I am one happy client. I highly recommend them for your family law needs.”


“Harry Mihas represented me when I was facing federal charges. His knowledge of the law and his commitment to my legal rights were decisive in my case and is what makes him a great attorney, but it was his compassion for me to stay out of trouble and have a better life that makes him a great man. I truly believe that Harry cares about what he does and who he does it for and that’s what sets him apart . If you need a lawyer I highly recommend Harry Mihas.”

-Eddie A-

“Mr Mihas and his partner Nicole represented me with true integrity. They were always extremely honest about my choices during every step of my court case. They guided me the the legal maze and spent the time to care about my emotional & mental stresses from day one. Because of their many years of experience, they were able to expose the truth and save me from many years in prison. I now have my life, my family and my freedom back again.”


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