Prosecutors use fraud as a method of accusing ordinary, everyday people of using clandestine, at times complicated, schemes to steal money or goods.  Often this allegedly takes place in the business world or political environments.  The penalties are life altering and include incarceration of up to 30 years in prison, and fines as high as $1 million dollars.

Prosecutions for fraud come in many different forms and include: bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax and bankruptcy fraud, check and credit card fraud, welfare fraud, insurance fraud, computer and internet fraud, and mortgage fraud.  Allegations are often intricate, and at times, convoluted.  They can involve thousands to millions of pages of documents that require careful review.

The attorneys at Smith Mihas PLLC have the experience and training to find errors and weaknesses in the government’s allegations.  We ensure that each element of alleged fraud is defended, including requirements that a defendant must have willfully and intentionally devised, carried out or attempted to carry out a scheme to defraud others. Whether it is bank fraud, check fraud, welfare fraud or computer fraud, our attorneys work to protect you from having a mistake or an accidental oversight turn into a conviction and court sentence.

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