Juvenile Crimes

Nothing is more painful than seeing a child or a teen charged with a crime.  Adolescents frequently make mistakes that they regret in the long run.  The lawyers at Smith Mihas PLLC will aggressively defend underage clients so that one mistake or a bad decision does not destroy a bright future.

We realize that a juvenile record is as permanent and damaging as anything done by adults.  Underage drug use and drinking, and sexting are more common than we care to admit.  Minors in dating relationships who ignorantly exchange nude pictures of themselves are vulnerable to child pornography prosecutions.  At times a teen or even a child can stumble across child pornography as a result of downloading images from the internet or from file sharing programs.  Any of these actions can result in state or federal charges.

If a loved one has been charged with a juvenile offense, we are prepared to do everything possible to protect his or her future by defending their rights in court.  As part of our strategy, we attack weaknesses in the prosecutions discovery and argue through motions and at trial to keep your child off the sex offender list, keep his or her record clean, and ensure their future remain bright and free of any obstacles to their success.

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